Coconut Ice Cream

Source: Our Life in the Kitchen

Coconut Ice Cream
makes about two quarts.

3 cups heavy cream
3 cups Half and Half
8 Egg Yolks
2/3 cup Sugar
2 cans (or about 2 cups) Cream of Coconut
Shredded Coconut

Separate the eggs and put the yolks in a large, heavy saucepan.Whisk in the sugar until it’s well-blended.Stir in the half and half and cream.Cook over medium heat, stirring almost continuously, until the mixture barely starts to thicken. It’ll leave a line like this when you draw your finger across the bottom of the spoon. Don’t let it boil.Mix in the cream of coconut.Pour the mixture into a large bowl and refrigerate until it’s completely cold. At least several hours. Better yet, overnight.

Pour the cold custard into your ice cream maker and freeze, following the instructions that came with it. If you like, you can stir in the flaked coconut as it starts to freeze.

Let it sit in the freezer for a while before serving.Sprinkle with extra coconut for extra goodness!