Smoked Salmon Croquettes

Source: Kayotic Kitchen

Smoked Salmon Croquettes


2 cups mashed potatoes
9 oz (smoked) salmon
1/2 cup green peas
2 scallions
lemon juice
flat-leaf parsley
fresh dill
2 eggs

Optional: Old Bay & Lawry’s lemon pepper


The leftover salmon. It was so divine. Don’t tell anyone, but you can also do this with canned salmon.

I removed the skin and used a fork to make the pieces smaller. Transfer it to a big bowl.

And add your mashed potatoes.

I used 1/2 cup frozen peas for this. Well, I defrosted them first.

Finely mince two scallions and add them to the bowl.

You can never go wrong with fresh herbs. Flat-leaf parsley and dill. Chop a good handful of both but don’t go overboard on the dill, it’s powerful stuff.

Add the minced herbs to the bowl, squeeze in some lemon juice (a tbsp or two), and season with salt and freshly cracked black pepper. Want to get real fancy? Grate some of the lemon zest as well, that’s where all the flavor is.

This is completely optional but to me seafood needs a little old bay. Half a tsp or so. For those of you who can’t buy this, here’s my Old Bay copycat version.

Mix it up, cover the bowl and put it in the fridge for about an hour or so. Letting it firm up will help you shape the balls. Or triangles. Whatever rocks your boat.

Fast forward.

Lightly beat two eggs.

And put your breadcrumbs in a bowl. I like to season mine with a touch of Lawry’s lemon pepper—my one true addiction.

Grab a full dinner spoon of the filling and roll it in your hands.

Then dump the ball in the egg, shake off the excess egg and roll it around in the breadcrumbs. Repeat this process until you have two egg / breadcrumb coatings.

Put the croquettes back into the fridge for at least an hour.

Pour 1 liter/quart of oil (canola or even sunflower oil will do) into a pot, stick a candy/oil thermometer in there and wait ‘til the temperature is at 375F (180C). I used my stir-fry pan with thermo spot because A) I’m lazy and B) Ii couldn’t find my candy thermometer anywhere. Probably in the sand box, along with my cute, colorful silicone baking cups.

Carefully put the croquettes into the hot oil and fry them until crispy and brown, this will take 3 to 4 minutes. Don’t overcrowd the pan, that will make the temperature drop and it’ll become a greasy, soggy mess. Let them drain on a paper towel and serve them with lemon mayonnaise.

I know they don’t look it, but they were the most flavorful, crispy little bites I’ve had in a long time. They work as appetizer, party food, lunch or even dinner when you serve it with a salad on the side. Fun little bites.